Tuesday, 19 June 2012

No news yet but.....

On Embarrassing Bodies, Channel 4 tonight, there's a piece about Cochlear Implants. A woman called Suzanne, who I don't know, had one fitted recently. I'm not sure what they'll show, but it should be interesting one way or another.

It'll be on at 8:00 pm. I am hoping for the boys to be in bed, fast asleep! I hope you can watch it too, and I'll be keen to hear your views. Please post the comments on my blog.

The big question is, will this put me off having a Cochlear Implant if it doesn't work for Suzanne?


  1. Hi Catherine. The day after I first read your blog this week I took Millie to a gymnastics class in Norwich & 1 of the boys in the class had a Cochlear implant, which I chatted to his mum about. Before that day, I'd never heard of them, so it was strange that I should come across them twice in the space of two days. I've enjoyed reading your blog so far, you're very inspirational. Hope you've enjoyed Embarrassing Bodies, I have to confess we've had the footie on, but I'll have a look to see if Five repeat it some time. Good luck!

  2. Hi Catherine. The CI works for most people. It's mostly about how much work you put into learning to listen afterwards. And the CI team wouldn't offer you a CI unless they were confident you would be better off with one :)